Hi. I am Pooja, founder of the design label 'dom.' I launched Door Of Maai in December 2015 making small collections in GOTS certified organic cotton and end of roll fabric sourced locally. 
From my initial years of showcasing at design exhibitions and popups, I could see my growing dissatisfaction at the way fashion was being mindless and often tastelessly consumed at these events, which also gave me a generalized idea of the industry at large. 
I decided to channelize this into my love of making and wearing limited editions and vintage pieces, which carried abstract stories of culture and were socially and environmentally significant.
My work evolved into working directly with weavers and lately more than 80% of it has transitioned into purely upcycling, reclaiming old fabrics, and making one-of-a-kind luxurious designs.
The spark of excitement to rework existing materials into newer products feeds into helping the world shift into having a healthier approach with our material culture and circularity in consumption.
My products are designed to be easy, effortless, happy, and enhance your confidence and the tactile pleasure that fashion has to offer.
I also started branching out into teaching ethics, values, and sustainability in design as a faculty and mentor and serving as the regional coordinator at Fashion Revolution India.
I am constantly amazed and overjoyed by the beauty that the fashion industry brings to this planet and as a designer, educator, and entrepreneur, I feel like a true custodian of imparting art, culture, joy, and impeccable beauty through my work. 
I consider 'dom' as casting its energetic vote towards offering all humans the opportunity to participate in the collective shift in consciousness by buying responsible, kind, and ethical products.

Door Of Maai began as a responsible design house in December 2015 from Calcutta, India. I have repurposed and re-imagined the brand during the solitude period of March 2020 in order to make it a vehicle for authentic self expression and foster a deep respect for our material culture.

I am passionate about making everyday luxury products that make women feel powerful, elegant, sensuous, confident and embrace the different facets of their femininity with grandeur - this is brought alive in every collection.


dom celebrates everyday life. dom is whimsical. dom is humorous. dom has hints of surprise. dom is about impeccable quality and craftsmanship. dom is celebrating the goodness of design.