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My dream is to make beautifully crafted sustainable design accessible to humanity. The pre-sign up community is the space where I get to create my best offers and reach out to more women who want to upgrade their personal aesthetics by being very mindful and conscious about where their products come from - who designs them and how fairly are they made and produced.


I'd like to bring to your life - mindful beauty, thoughtful luxury and above all - an authentic sense of self expression. Join me in discovering the joys and delights of unique, one-of-a-kind designs which are made in selected quantities with care and loving attention to the planet and craftsmen who create these magical gifts for humanity.

welcome to my world
The world of Door Of Maai a.k.a dom

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GOTS Organic Cotton
Classic Collection

Boogie Woogie Kaftan

Boogie Woogie Kaftan

₹8,000.00Regular Price₹6,250.00Sale Price