Afreen Duffle Bag


100% upcycled silk sourced from a local export house lined with a reclaimed thick home furnishing textile. Thin metal link chain and heavy metal zipper closure. Width 9" Height 6" Depth 3.2"


Afreen Duffle Bag

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    Named after Afreen, who works in my vocational training unit at Alipore Women's Correctional Prison. ⠀

    Does anybody else romanticize RED just like me? There isn't any other color that can collectively express desire, longing, passion, strength, romance, and action?
    Has anyone of you ever shied away from wearing it out of the fear of standing out or to stay away from tuning into a bolder side that you have dormant within you? It's true that humans respond to colors like any other external stimuli. ⠀

    As the name suggests, Afreen is an embodiment of beauty and wonderment. She is probably one of the youngest girls as part of this project. She’s educated and well-read. ⠀

    I have often used ‘red’ to help me accept passion and boldness in my day to day life. Unlike the element of untamed aggression, I have come to connect with this color through the feelings of quiet fierceness. The kind of fierceness which makes you extremely grounded and comfortable to remain in your own power. ⠀

    Do you practise being grounded and yet feeling powerful every-day? What are the activities or behaviors that can support you in being so?