Nazia Duffle Bag


100% upcycled cotton and organic cotton sourced from a local export house lined with a reclaimed thick home furnishing textile. Thin metal link chain and heavy metal zipper closure. Width 9" Height 6" Depth 3.2"


Nazia Duffle Bag

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  • Naaz’ in urdu means ‘to be proud’ and ‘nazia’ would imply ‘a woman to be proud of.’

    I’ve named this design after Nazia, who is one of the newer girls, training under us at our vocational training centre in Alipore Women’s Correctional Prison. Since I have’nt worked long enough with her to get to know her that well I can safely say that I’m indulging in my own creative interpretation of the word rather than her temperament.
    I associate emotional state of being proud with a deep seated feeling and knowing of having achieved something worthwhile, rather than an unnecessary and false sense of arrogance. The former gives you a feeling of being grounded, steadfast and balanced and surprisingly even humble, while the latter indicates a false sense of self gratification.

    Visually studying this design, made me contemplate on how austere and unadorned it looked - mostly pale white, grey and cream with blocks of classic checks and a sudden burst of mismatching prints. There’s also a central brown and black patch with an almost invisible arrow print - undoubtedly indicating the need to pierce through external stimuli and move forward into feeling the fulfilment emerging from within yourself.  

    Feeling comfortable with being unadorned, or indulging in a burst of mismatched colors, off beat motifs, a mix of classic vibes and an overall subtle personality would be a beautiful take on ‘nazia’. That’s how I would describe her. That’s what this bag feels like.

    Take time to dig through yourself and find out what makes you feel deeply fulfilled? Something you quietly and humbly feel proud of having achieved.