Piyali Duffle Bag


100% upcycled silk sourced from a local export house lined with a reclaimed thick home furnishing textile. Thin metal link chain and concealed zipper closure.


Priyanka Circular Bag

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  • Priyanka is a really common name in Hindu and Buddhist cultures implying amiable and lovable.

    But the characteristic that matches most with the vibe of this bag is that it also implies being very talkative.

    I find it amusing as to just how talkative this bag looks - bright, chirpy, happy and alive.

    I used these months of solitude to connect and talk more - with my friends, family, and parents. Human connection and verbal communication are irreplaceable.

    Similarly, as creatives, let's talk more about our values and about the thoughts behind our creative processes. Let's get vocal about what inspires us and what we can support.

    Let our designs make the consumer feel that they are investing in cherished human emotions and an everlasting longing for beautifying human life.