Rashmoni Pyramid Bag ⠀

100% upcycled silk sourced from from a local export house and lined with a reclaimed thick home furnishing textile. Thick heavy metal link chain and metal push buttons as closures. Slant height 6"

Square base 5"


Rashmoni Pyramid Bag

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  • There could be several ways to spell and therefore derive the meaning out of the word. If you would want to consider Rasmani, then the meaning then the word would imply the ‘jewel of radha’ or as in some folk cultures simply the energy which we name as Krishna, who is the harbinger of the eternal dance (ras) of love. Its interesting to see how the same word can acquire so many different meanings and with each different meaning produce a different emotion inside us.

    During my research, I also came across a historical connotation to it - Queen Rashmoni from Bengal, who founded the world famous Dakhineshwar Temple and I, somehow found it odd to not have known about her, being born and brought up in Bengal myself.

    Look at the sheer vibrance of the colors in this piece. They literally feel like a multitude of dancing waves, striking and clashing with each other in pure bliss. Isnt that what the Raas-Leela, the dance of love is all about. The bag shines like a crowning jewel and so aptly justifying the name.

    I’m going to put Rashmoni’s picture in this slider - Can you notice the aura of definiteness, firmness and yet humbleness on her face exactly as the qualities that we would use to describe a crown in human tones.

    We all exhibit these qualities in different degrees and at different times and situations in life. What does being definite firm and humble feel like?