Shivli Duffle Bag


100% upcycled silk and organic cotton sourced from a local export house lined with a reclaimed thick home furnishing textile. Thin heavy metal link chain and heavy metal zipper closure. Width 9" Height 6" Depth 3.2"


Shivli Duffle Bag

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  • Named after Shivli - who works in my Vocational  Training Studio in Alipore Women's Correctional Prison.
    100% upcycled cotton & organic cotton from post-production leftovers and lined with a reclaimed thick home furnishing textile.

    Shivli implies a flower. I realized that I often buy flowers that make me happy. I might pick an unusual blue daisy (if it were available so easily) rather than the expected rose; also because the blue daisy is known to be an evergreen plant in the daisy family.

    What if we consume fashion and design in the same way? What if you buy based on your values and what brings you joy rather than what has been labeled as the most coveted item in a mainstream magazine?

    I also wonder what it would be like for all creatives to design from joy and purpose rather than rolling out the best selling silhouette of the season and boxing people into them.

    Just some food for thought.