Shoma Pyramid Bag


100% upcycled silk cotton & organic cotton sourced from a local export house lined with a reclaimed thick home furnishing textile. Thin metal link chain and  metal push button closures. Slant height 6" Square base 5"


Shoma Pyramid Bag

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  • Shoma in Bengali means a tributary of the river Ganga. the shoma pyramid bag is cool and calmly eclectic with sudden bursts of block colors and an outstanding patch of classic beige and black checker.

    As I am writing, I am reminded of the book that I read some time ago. Its called Ganga - the constant goddess by Anuja Chandra Ramouli.

    When you read the book, you start connecting with the essence of Ganga, which is inside of you. In popular Hindu culture, one doesn't really associate the river’s sacredness with what could also encompass shades of her being a passionate lover and merciful savior.

    Do you take time to nurture the various sides of yourself? Do you connect with your inherent ‘Gangetic’ flow and sacred feminine energy? Do you nurture the passionate lover inside you? Have you taken the time to find that, which feeds your euphoric sense of freedom?

    This bag captures the same energy and essence of femininity as epitomized by Ganga, or any other river and manifests in the design literally as the text “NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN’